Review: Ramen Zundo, Sydney

Very short post on Ramen Zundo which is found in World Square in the city. I had a craving for ramen and after seeing this post 0n the top 8 ramens in Sydney I decided to give Zundo a try. 

Only one picture because that was the only thing we ordered, haha!! They actually have a lot of items on their menu but we decided to go for their recommended item: Light Zundo. The broth is a mix of tonkotsu and chicken which makes the soup less rich and heavy. I didn't feel like getting the Rich Zundo which is the tonkotsu on its own because I'm not a huge fan of the thick soups when it comes to ramen. It can get overwhelming and you get sick of the ramen really quickly.

I thought it was ok - Ryo's noodles in Crow's nest was better IMO. The egg was cooked just right with the yolk still runny but it lacked flavour.

MF's opinion was:

Meh, not worth it because the addition of the chicken broth, although it lightens the soup, makes the soup taste like chicken when you want tonkotsu to be the main taste.

The pork was nothing special, not melt-in-your-mouth like some of the pork we've had in Japan. Even Ryo's had better pork. The bamboo shoots tasted old (somewhat fermenty, like they've been kept for a while). The seaweed, spring onions and bean sprouts did not do much to add anything to the dish. 

6.5/10 - This ramen just tastes like your average ramen that you would expect if you are in Japan.
— M&M Food Rating

And there you have it. I guess we probably won't be coming again anytime soon...

Till the next meal or snack...